Our Process

At Sharp Golf Ball Co, we pride ourselves on selling quality used golf balls from all of the leading brands. Our team carefully collects experienced golf balls, many of which are like new. After we collect them, we clean them, sort them and give them a grade.

It is important for us to point out that our process does not alter the ball in any way from its original "out of the box" state. There are refurbished golf ball sites out there that refinish or regloss used golf balls with a clear coat finish. We do not do this, as we want the ball to play exactly how it would out of the box.

After the balls are cleaned and sorted, we give them a grade. Grade A balls are perfect golf balls that have no imperfections. Grade A balls play comparable to a new ball. Grade B golf balls are great looking balls that may have a slight imperfection or a personal marking. For some brands and styles, we also have Grade C and potentially Grade D options as well. 

The different grades of balls gives everyone a great selection to build their golf ball collections. Shop our catalog to choose some golf balls that are best suited for your game!